We are blissfully busy and happy at The Barn this time of year.  We have many scheduled events coming up for our customers and happy holiday shoppers visiting us every day.  I have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that this kind of joy should never be taken for granted.  You see, there was kind of a short term ‘blip’ in my ownership of the Barn.

My Crazy Landlord had a partner and she was paying close attention.  About a year after I opened The Barn, it became clear that my new business had some definite merit….that being said, I was sadly at the mercy of my Lease.

See where this is going?

Unfortunately I was unable to negotiate a new lease (that I could financially live with) so, with a heavy heart, I was forced to simply walk away from my pride and joy.  As you can well imagine, I had a hard time with this, but I had had no idea that The Barn would capture the imagination of so many people so quickly.  I had built up this wonderful business and I had no choice but to hand it over to someone else.

It destroyed me.

Karma is a word that I have learned to respect.  I always figure that there are some things that I can’t control, so I need to let go and see out the story plays out. There is a wonderful freedom in letting go…so, when I lost The Barn, I did just that….I let go.


A few months later I started receiving phone calls from many of the tenants that I had left behind.  It seemed that something was very wrong at The Barn and they needed my help.  I won’t go into specifics here but suffice it to say that “something smelled very rotten in Denmark”…by the way, what does that mean exactly?

Anyway, to make a distressing story as short as possible, after several months of work (legal and otherwise), I was able to not only get my business back, but I succeeded in also buying the building (my beautiful barn).

The reason I am telling you this story is that during the time I didn’t own my business, the name of the business officially changed to “The Barn”.  My Crazy Landlord and I had been calling it “The Barn” since it opened, but the truth of the matter is, I am not responsible for renaming the business from “On The Square Antiques and Specialty Shops” to “The Barn”.  I should give credit where credit is due…..NOT!  🙂

See why I respect Karma?