I really don’t know if I have an unconventional habit or that I am horribly lazy!

I’m sure most of you remember Minnie Pearl…..right?  She was the celebrity that wore hats with price tags dangling from them.  I have read that this was part of Minnie’s comedy act…a gentle satire on southern culture.  Well, I can assure everyone that I am not a comedian nor am I from the South…however; I seem to leave price tags on almost everything in my house!

The other day I went into my downstairs ‘loo’ (cute little English word for the bathroom) and as I was kneeling on the floor cleaning, my eyes traveled to a set of decorative tall containers with lids that I have had in my bathroom for YEARS…and I mean YEARS.  What caught my attention was that each of these containers still bore the original price tag from a still current Merchant at The Barn.  I sat there for a minute and wondered why these price tags were still affixed to these items.…the tags had even survived a physical move to a new house a few years ago.

I decided to take a tour of my house…I was surprised to find that I had wall hangings, pictures, flower arrangements and small furniture that all still had price tags affixed to them from The Barn…some of the tags were so old I couldn’t even read the faded price written years ago.

At first, I had no idea what the reason would be for this wacky behavior.  I considered the multitude of guests I have had over the years who have been in my ‘loo’ and throughout my house and yet have never said a word about my ‘price tag’ problem.  How embarrassing.

After some major self assessment, I think I have figured out the key to my terrible bad habit.  It is NOT that I secretly want to be like Minnie Pearl or that I need to keep track of the cost of my household goods for insurance purposes, nor is that I want everyone who visits my house to respect the wonderful price points of the items I collect from The Barn.  No….it is much simpler than that!

When I bring home my treasures from The Barn, I simply do not have the patience to first take off the price tag before I find the perfect place to display my finds.  I quite frankly am too excited to delay the inevitable gratification associated with the placement of my Barn treasures TO TAKE A SHORT MOMENT AND REMOVE THE PRICE TAG.  I simply skip a step and the item goes directly from the bag to its ultimate location.  How lazy is that?

And then, to make matters worse, I don’t seem to feel the need to EVER remove the price tag!IMG_0345