One thing I have definitely noticed about writing a blog is that I am more in touch with the world around me. So many things can be easily missed if we are running through our day on a planned schedule. I know that, for me, once I get into my daily life, I have been accused of having ‘tunnel vision”….I get way too focused and I lose sight of the small things that make life so beautiful….and entertaining.
The other morning I was standing in my kitchen soaking up the quiet….no phones ringing..…no hip-hop music playing….and no TV blaring. Just plain old wonderful ‘quiet’.
My solitude was interrupted with a sound similar to very small pebbles falling on the floor. I knew immediately what it was, but I hadn’t really taken the time in the past to think through the entertainment value that this sound (and its source) was readily providing. You see, my cat doesn’t eat her food out of her bowl….her bowl is simply a place where her food is temporarily stored until she decides she is hungry. Once this decision is made, my cat (her name is Gabby) takes her little furry paw and flings about a tablespoon of cat food from her bowl onto the floor. Once the food is ON THE FLOOR, she is willing to eat it. Is this some sort of ‘kitty diva’ thing’?
I have watched her do this many times in the past and have wondered what is wrong with the bowl…or her. You should also know that she doesn’t drink her water out of a bowl either. Gabby dips her paw into the water and licks the water from her paw….I find myself changing her bowl of water frequently because it is full of cat litter from her paws.
Well, while I was watching her do this ridiculous eating routine, I considered how wonderful my cat really is…especially in light of all her idiosyncrasies. Gabby was probably once a dog in a prior life because she tends to lie down and roll over when she wants attention as well.
While I was considering the wonder that is Gabby, I realized that this type of stuff is exactly what makes life interesting. By this I mean, if humans and animals all had essentially the same personalities, this world would be a boring place to live. What provides entertainment value in life is that the human being (and animal) race is so wonderfully diverse….almost everything in life could be considered entertaining if viewed in the right perspective.
You may ask…what does any of this have to do with The Barn?
Well, this has everything to do with The Barn!!
As you have probably guessed at this point, The Barn tries to cater to every personality!!! This is sometimes tough, but it can also be an extremely entertaining thing that we do! We offer antiques for the lover of vintage, we offer women’s and children clothing for those who just love to keep up with the fashion trends, we offer home décor for the decorator in everyone, shabby chic will be chic forever, quilting fabric for those seamstresses and an impressive array of unusual items from around the globe to fit anyone’s taste.
The Barn is the place where all of our differences ‘come together’…and what a great experience it is simply to walk through The Barn! If you want entertainment…come see all that is available for all the different personalities we are in our world. I am certain you find something for YOU!!!Gabby 04032013
In the meantime, all I can say is thank heavens Gabby doesn’t ‘do her business’ OUTSIDE the litter box….I don’t think I would find that very entertaining!