I have been in Las Vegas during the past three days for my son’s orientation as a freshman at UNLV. I should say that Vegas has held very little allure for me up until this visit….after all, it is called “Sin City” for a reason. Las Vegas is largely glitter, glamour and plastic. Consider the so-called downtown Las Vegas Skyline: While New York, Chicago and Denver all have big city skylines with office buildings, residential high-rises and the like, the Las Vegas skyline is largely made up of magical Disneyland-type resort and casino buildings….not exactly a ‘normal’ skyline (even though very pretty at night!). I have been talking to my son about how important it is to maintain a strong sense of “self” in an environment like this. Connor has always been comfortable in his own skin, but I can see how living here could eat you alive!
I decided to drive Connor around the valley to get a sense of the city. I think my son was surprised at how much suburban life flourishes here that is like any suburban life elsewhere in this country. At one point Connor made a comment that he sees the city much differently now…it can be a home and he feels much more comfortable trying to make a home here for the next 4 years. I have to admit that I feel much more comfortable about this city as well.
There are many layers to every person and everything that exists in life….kind of like the layers of an onion. Obviously, Las Vegas is not just “Sin City”, but it is also home to a large population of ‘normal’ people living rather ‘normal’ lives. The outermost layer of everything is the first impression we have when we meet someone new, vacation somewhere new or even shop somewhere new. If you are really interested in someone new or somewhere new, it is always best to spend some time “peeling back the layers” to find out more.
The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops is in a very old barn in the middle of a very small town in Colorado. First impression might be that it is not worth the effort to leave Denver or Colorado Springs, or Vail or any other town in any other State in this rather large country to pay a visit to such an obscure place.
You would be terribly mistaken.
When you peel back the layers, this small Town called Castle Rock, Colorado has a wealth of offerings that could influence anyone’s life….exceptional shopping, tasty restaurants, outdoor activities, art, beautiful weather, neighborly small town smiles and scenic views that would knock your socks off. Castle Rock is worth the additional effort alone.
Now comes the best part: The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops. We are located in the HEART of Historic Downtown Castle Rock in a magnificent 105 year old Barn. We have over 30 unique shops just waiting for you to explore. This place has been called ‘magical’ for a reason! The Barn is to Colorado as David Copperfield is to Las Vegas….every time you look away, something new appears before your very eyes…magic!
Take the time and the additional effort to peel back the layers of small town shopping and make a visit to Castle Rock, Colorado a part of a day trip or even part of your vacation…and while you are in Castle Rock, come visit The Barn…you WON’T be disappointed!