I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Nashville, Tennessee and have truly fallen in love with this beautiful area of our Country.  My older son, Alex, has taken a position with a company located there so we packed up a U-Haul truck and my two boys and I set out for humidity and lots of green trees!  I am not very familiar with the “South”, but I came away loving almost everything about it (including the humidity)!

One of the first things I noticed about Nashville was the abundance of live music…it is everywhere!  I am a music lover and raised my children listening to all types of music (Country music included).  It is such a treat to find places during every hour of every day of the week where you can sit down and listen to some live music!

I also immediately noticed the wealth of good food…barbeques, steaks, even an abundance of fish and seafood!  Barbeque is not what you think it is.  Barbeque is smoked meat (beef, chicken, sausage, turkey, etc.) and you can add your own sauce if you choose.   Oh, and ‘sweet tea’ is delicious!!

Now for the weather….coming from the high plains desert of Castle Rock, Colorado, I have gotten used to a predominate “brown” in the landscape that comes with a very dry climate.  I had forgotten how GREEN the vegetation can be in a humid environment.  The best I can describe the Nashville terrain is that it is hilly with puffy ‘cotton balls’ of green trees everywhere!  Truly lovely!  (In case you aren’t aware, humidity does wonderful things for dry skin….my skin has never felt better!)

The most infectious characteristic of Nashville I found was how friendly everyone was….talk about “Southern Hospitality”!  Perfect strangers were gracious, polite, made eye contact and were very charming.  Everywhere we went people were open, helpful and had big sincere smiles!  When Connor and I got home from our trip it occurred to me that I might miss the open friendliness of the South….

The day after I came home was business as usual…mail to open, bills to pay and meetings to attend.  I went into The Barn to go through my business file and was immediately greeted with warm and friendly smiles, conversation and charm.  I felt like I was back in Nashville and I realized that The Barn indeed offers the Southern Hospitality that I thought I might miss coming home.  It goes without saying that Colorado is a very friendly place, but I think we go the extra mile at The Barn and offer a Southern Hospitality you might not find anywhere else you shop.

I hung around The Barn for a while and watched the Merchants interact with our loyal customers and I really believe that somewhere along the way a touch of Southern Charm naturally made its way to Castle Rock, Colorado!  I guess this is another part of the magical shopping experience to be found at The Barn in Castle Rock!

We will be having our monthly ‘Breakfast at The Barn’ this Saturday the 27th of July!  Everyone is invited!!  Expect some ‘Sweet Tea’ with your pastries!!

Have a great day y’all and come and visit us soon!