We are faced with many choices in life every single day….the seemingly endless options can certainly be a bit overwhelming.

We choose what food we eat, what car we drive, where we live, where we travel and we choose who we love and are loyal to.  Every day we are bombarded with choices…I’m sure you have noticed that the various airline companies thank us for flying with them because they know we ‘have other choices of who

we fly with’.

But what really sways us in our choice-making process?

I think it comes down to how we ‘feel’ about a certain choice.  Think about it…confronted with choices on a particular subject, there will be vast array of reasons for each choice:  the choice could make sense from a practical standpoint, from a logical standpoint, from a financial standpoint or from a legal standpoint….the list is kind of endless.

I believe that most of our choices are driven from an ‘emotional standpoint’…..Exactly how does a choice make us feel?

Do we feel safe on a particular airline verses another?  Does one house feel more home-like than another?  Does one person feel more like a loyal friend than another?

I know that a majority of my decisions in life are influenced by how I feel…even if it may not make sense from other more practical standpoints, my feelings weigh heavily in decisions I make all the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if our feelings and our logic pointed us to the same choice?

I know that when I started The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops in Castle Rock CO., this was not a rational or logical decision.  It just felt right…it was just something I had to do.  Consider the situation…how was a retail business going to be successful in a dirty 100 year old barn situated on the edge of the downtown area of a small town in the middle of Colorado?  All the signs pointed to “unlikely”!

I did it anyway.

Given my beliefs regarding choices, it occurred to me that other people are probably into how they ‘feel’about making choices…..Right?

At The Barn we are constantly hoping to appeal to our customer’s feelings….does The Barn provide a choice in your life where you feel good when you are there?  Does The Barn have an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and safe…like you are home?  Does the Barn make you feel good about your shopping experience….are the items offered varied, well priced and attractively displayed?  Are your loyal merchants kind and helpful when they engage with you?

I have written in the past about “Barn Therapy”….the idea that visiting The Barn provides you with a safe place to forget about all the day-to-day stuff in your life…a place to come and relax and wander…a place to come and KNOW that someone will smile at you and say ‘hello’…a place to come for a magical shopping experience.  A place that when you are confronted with the daily choices of how to spend your time, you know you will always feel good choosing a visit to The Barn….look no further, as this makes it the logicalchoice as well!

Come visit us at The Barn and experience our unique and magical place…feeling good is what we are all about!