Many parts of life are extremely beautiful, especially when love plays a key ingredient.

Consider of grouping of fresh, live herbs…oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary.   Rosemary, the ultimate tree of herbs…my favorite!  The beauty in herbs is in the love in which they are tended and how that translates into enhancing the food that we eat.  Herbs (as all plants) definitely thrive when they are loved and ultimately the food we eat is tastier as a result!

Unfortunately, I have never had much success at nurturing live plants.  I am a ‘black thumb’ I guess.  My son laughs at me constantly as my several attempts at gardening have gone to waste!  My Mother, on the other hand, loves her garden…she is 81 years old and she frequently she tells me of her mornings ‘hacking’ away at some lemon or orange tree so that it will be healthier and produce more fruit.  Probably most of my readers are from the Denver area in Colorado where we don’t have many fruit trees…well, just so you know, fruit trees have massive thorns…MASSIVE thorns.

Anyway….I mentioned to my Mother recently that I would like to somehow learn how to grow some live herbs, but I needed her help because I seem to ‘kill’ every living greenery known to mankind.

Mom told me that she wasn’t too sure that she was good at growing herbs either, but she was willing to try if I would do it with her….this sounded nice…growing  fresh herbs with my Mom.

As some of you may know, I have only recently relocated to Arizona where my parents are living…this has been a very good thing!  This opportunity to do something with my Mother is a VERY good thing indeed…. a very loving and beautiful thing.

Today, after I post this blog, I will be delivering a variety of starter herbs to my Mother’s home with the hope that she and I can plant and care for them together….Together.

Life is the most beautiful when things are done with someone you love.  I have always liked the feeling of being part of a team….being a part of something bigger than myself.

My Barnies in Castle Rock are the most loving Team I know…they would do almost anything for our Loyal Customers.  In fact, we will be celebrating Customer Appreciation with Our Annual “Thanks and Giving Event” TODAY at The Barn in Castle Rock…not a day you would want to miss!  Look for our free gifts, personal shopping assistants, professional demonstrations, gift basket raffle, live music and refreshments.  As usual, your loyal Barnies will be ‘cultivating’ a beautiful relationship with you, our loyal customers….Together.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there with all of you…but I will still be celebrating the beauty of life here in Arizona…I will hopefully be planting and growing herbs with my Mom.

I Love You, Mom.