Our wonderful, mysterious and magical human hearts represent life….and, especially around the 14th of February, they also represent love.

Last night around 2:00am I was lying in bed trying to go back to sleep when I felt my heart skip a few beats.  This was not a new sensation for me but this time I was laying on my side and I could actually feel my heart…like it was lurching around in my chest.  I wasn’t alarmed as much as startled.  The human heart is the reason that our blood circulates in our bodies.  When a human heart skips a few beats, it could be nothing or it could be a sign that we have met our soul mate.  In my case it was nothing!

I have always thought cupid was cute, but I can’t fathom having my heart shot with an arrow so I will love another person.  Where did this idea come from?  It seems somewhat counterproductive…and somewhat life threatening.  In any event, Cupid tries his very best (especially on February 14th of every year) to bring people together in love.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people loving one another, I just think this heart of mine (rolling around in my chest cavity) would have a tough time surviving an actual arrow shot.  🙂

So there we have it…Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Cupids, chocolates, cards and plenty of the color ‘red’ is already everywhere!  This is one of the best times of the year, other than the Christmas Holidays, to embrace the magic in our lives.  Love is a magical thing….we should celebrate it during Valentines but we should act with love every day, all year round.

This idea of trying to show love to others every day of our lives is not a new one.  While we might all agree that feeling ‘love struck’ is beautiful, it takes much more effort to apply the action of love to others….especially on a consistent basis.  After all, the word ‘Love’ is a noun and a verb.  When we say “I love you”, we are realistically saying two things:

  1. I feel affection and/or passion for you in my body (Here “love” is a thing we feel…a noun).
  2. I cherish you and my actions reflect his feeling (Here “love” is more of a verb).

Many people don’t, or can’t, understand this distinction.  Some people even use the word love in frivolous ways….”I love coffee” for example.  Can we really love an inanimate object?  I suppose, but the energy of bestowing these feelings on an inanimate object would be wasted effort…unless the object has some sort of magical heart and soul.

The Merchants at The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops truly love their customers.  We say it ALL the time.  We post it on our blackboards. February Calendar

The Barnie Merchants show their love with consistency…..they work hard all year to bring our loyal customers a unique and magical experience every time they walk in the Barn.  Your Barnie merchants work hard at giving an inanimate object a heart and soul…making The Barn a ‘living thing’.

In return, our customers love us as well…they exclaim “I love the Barn” on Facebook, on Twitter, in emails and in conversation….what they are really saying is that they love their Barnie Merchants and the wonderful shopping experience they provide.  Our customers reflect their love for the Barn every day by coming back and visiting us over and over and over again!

When our fans, friends and loyal customers proclaim that they “love” The Barn….it is true.  While the structure is beautiful, it is the magical heart and soul of The Barn they are referring to.

I guess you could say that Cupid is alive and well all year round in The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops!

Come visit us and feel the love.  Love, Catherine