Did you ever want something so bad that it hurt?

I had an experience today where I realized that something I wanted very badly I could never, ever have.  This is an excruciating realization….but it is also quite liberating.

Just think of it:  You have been longing for someone (or something) for a long time. You realize that after a multitude of attempts, there is just NO WAY you are EVER going to procure your dream.  What do you do? What did I do?


I moved on…I allowed change to come into my life.   I believe that every time we are denied something we want, that is because something better is available to us….if only we are open enough to see the opportunity.

Okay…this sounds a little biblical I admit.  I just believe that this is the way of life (biblical or not). The interesting thing about this is that, if you are open to your loss, your gain can be phenomenal.

I have had this happen to me over and over again in my life.  I wish I were better about trusting this but unfortunately, being the human that I am, I lack a certain amount of trust and have become somewhat cynical over the years.

Nevertheless, this phenomenon still is a part of my life.  Any loss I seem to suffer is followed by a gain.  I can see the gain as long as I am paying attention….the key is in paying attention.

At The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops we are a constant mecca of change.  Change, of course, implies a loss AND a gain.  Change is another way of saying “growth”.

Tonight, even though I am not there to witness this event, your loyal Barnie Merchants are working all night to bring you some beautiful new changes to The Barn.  While we may wish and wish that things will always stay the same…nothing ever does.  Some of these changes are the result of some losses but most of them are the result of some new found opportunities.

Do we yearn sometimes for the comfort and security of something very familiar?….sure, everyone does.  However, I believe the excitement in life is when something is different, new and profoundly liberating.  Trust the changes occurring in life…they can be magical.

Come to The Barn as soon as you can….change couldn’t be more phenomenal or magical than what your loyal Barnies have in store for you…tomorrow!