Traditions are an important part of many people’s lives.   Most traditions fall around holidays, but some are more personal like birthdays, anniversaries, vacations or even finding new friends.

A Christian Holy day was celebrated this last weekend (Easter) and, at first, my Barnies didn’t know if it was appropriate to have The Barn open for business.   My opinion was that we should be open because of the many, many customers that make a visit to The Barn a traditional part of their Easter celebration.  The Barnies discussed it at their monthly meeting and agreed that being open was the best choice.

In the past we have officially closed The Barn for business on Easter.  As a result, many of my Barnies have used that day to refresh their stores with new merchandise.  There have been several past Easter Sundays when customers would come up to the front door, bang loudly for our attention, and request us to open up for business ….it seems that after church and brunch, these individuals and families wanted something fun to do for the afternoon!

So, we would open our doors.

This year we opened our doors on Easter at Noon and closed them just after 4:00pm.  Several loyal Barnies volunteered their time to work that afternoon.  One of these loyal Barnies was my manager, Amy.  Amy must have called me 3 or 4 times telling stories of how grateful everyone was that we were open for a visit and how the atmosphere in the Barn was truly beautiful.…magical.  Amy told me that several customers make a visit to The Barn a part of their annual Easter celebration….in addition, many new faces came into the Barn and said that they were now ‘hooked for life’.  I also heard that most women were dressed in delightful spring dresses or pantsuits, men in suits and ties and, as you might expect, the children looked as adorable as can be!  We hosted an Easter egg hunt for the children….you can expect that to be a favorite again next year!

All in all, it was a beautiful day.

Next year we will be open again….we will have another Easter egg hunt and maybe some other surprises as well.  We love our community and we want you to think of The Barn as part of your family….a place you can go and always be welcome.  We have customers who make it a tradition to visit every summer (from out-of-state), every Christmas season (a girl’s night out or a shopping trip with relatives and friends), every Halloween (trick or treat), every birthday (as a gift to themselves or others)……and the list goes on.

The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops is honored to be a part of so many personal and family traditions.  Thank you for making us such a valuable part of your lives!

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