I had the pleasure of taking my parents out to a wonderful brunch here in the Phoenix area for Father’s Day.  I had mistakenly assumed that there would be a multitude of brunches celebrating Father’s Day (just like Mother’s Day), but I was wrong…Father’s Day celebrations by restaurants consist of dinner with 16 ounce porterhouse steaks, loaded baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese and a side of heart disease.  Pass.

Anyway….I did finally find a wonderful brunch and I was lucky enough to get a table.

The food was outstanding and we succumbed to too many delicacies.  The dessert table beckoned….My Mother is a chocoholic of the truest type….she loves desserts.  Mom disappeared from the table and returned with a plate full of dark brown sweets…chocolate cakes, cookies, pastries, mousse, etc.

Now, my Father tries very hard to be good under these circumstances, BUT he just couldn’t restrain himself.  He saw the plate….he zeroed in…he went for a stray crumb of pastry with his left hand….BUT my Mother was faster.  Mom raised her hand and warned him off with a very emphatic “EEHH”…now, how do I describe this sound???….picture a TV game contestant pressing a button with an answer and the answer is wrong…”EEHH”!

Well….I lost it.  I started laughing.  My somewhat straight-laced, Eastern born and raised, protestant Mother decided to show a very entertaining part of herself.  It was so fun!  It was amusing to really LOOK at my Mother as a person with many pieces and parts to her personality.

My Father was completely unfazed…he told me that my Mother has always been a lot of fun and has always had an incredible sense of humor…huh?….where have I been?  I need to take a step back and look at my Mother with new eyes…..even my son Connor thinks my Mother is hysterical!

I started thinking about this and I realized that we all might have many things in our lives that we see or experience every day, but we don’t REALLY see it.

The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops has been open for business in Castle Rock for 16 years and yet we still have people come in and say that they have lived in the area all of their lives and didn’t realize that The Barn was even here.

I think sometimes we drive around with blinders on…we see things, but we don’t REALLY see things. I’ve lived around my Mother ALL my life, but have I REALLY seen her?

Next time you drive around Castle Rock on errands, and you come to a stop around Perry and 3rd….take a look at the Big White Barn on the corner….it has some magical stuff inside.  Come inside and REALLY see this gem.  You won’t be disappointed.Barn May2014-110 CROPPED-S