I’ve noticed something lately…while I consider myself to be the same basic person that I always remember, I have also changed somewhat.  Ever since I became more of a ‘nomad’, people seem to be more open to engage with me…or maybe it is the other way around.

A little over 1 and ½ years ago I suddenly became an ‘empty-nester’.  I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about this development at the time but I did respond in what I consider to be a positive way…I changed my living circumstances.  Change has always worked for me.  During the past 16 months I have basically lived in 4 different places….I spend about 2 weeks a month in Mesa, Arizona, about a week a month in Las Vegas and about a week a month either in Castle Rock, Colorado or in Nashville, Tennessee.  I have always been a bit of a wanderer….loving the idea of spending time in many different places.  I have a tendency to get bored I guess….so I am fortunate that I can move around.shutterstock_73146160_01012015

I have also spent most of my life being somewhat emotionally guarded…I’m not the most trusting person of others…usually fearfully that I need to end relationships before I get hurt.  Sometimes I may have ended relationships too early and sometimes I may have waited too long but I have learned that, in the end, I am okay.

Recently I have become aware of something quite extraordinary in my life.  People, perfect strangers, seem very willing to engage with me…with a smile, with direct eye contact, with conversation and with friendship.  As I reflect on this recently I have come to the conclusion that because I am traveling so much, my ‘partners in life’ have become strangers….other wanderers.  These people are clearly seeking the same thing I am…engagement with other people….a friendly look…small conversation….reaching out and feeling connected to others.  It seems like there is a whole ‘family’ of wanderers out there in the world!!

I must say that I have started welcoming this experience every day.  People are basically good.  People are basically kind.  People basically want to be wanted.

This is a New Year and I am excited to look forward to all the new people I will meet in 2015.  I am also grateful for all the people I have met in my life….whether they are still in my life of not, they are important because they are a part of who I am today.

The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops in Castle Rock, Colorado is proud to be a part of many lives because without our relationships with our many loyal customers, we would not be the magical Barn that we are today.  We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year of new friends and, of course, seeing our loyal old friends who will continue to shape and mold the magical Barn experience in the future.  Your Barnie ‘family’ looks forward to sharing smiles and conversation with new and old friends (and wanderers)…The Barn is a safe and wonderful place to spend your time!

Thank you to everyone who loves us and ‘Welcome’ to our new friends….Happy New Year and we can’t wait to see you in 2015!!IMG_0274