I have been a little lazy about writing lately….not because I don’t like to write, but rather I have been traveling!

Recently, my older son Alex talked me into going to Florida for an impromptu road trip.  I have been researching places to ‘retire’ (not that I will EVER really retire) and places in Florida keep cropping up in my reading.  I have never really liked Florida…or rather my perception of Florida…so I decided to check it out.  I really didn’t want to go alone so my younger son Connor flew out to meet me.

I must be honest about my preconceived perception of Florida:  swampland, alligators, bugs, snakes, crime, heat and humidity.  I have only been to Miami and Fort Lauderdale just prior to boarding a cruise….I think my feelings about Florida came from watching too much ‘Miami Vice’ in the 80’s (anybody else remember this show???).

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised.  In fact, I was stunned at how pretty Florida is!!  You might be surprised to learn that Florida is the 2nd largest state in our country for the cattle industry!!  I never saw one alligator, but I saw more cattle than I have ever seen in Colorado!

Okay…Florida is definitely humid, but the sand is white and feels as soft as flour…there are pine trees (and palm trees) everywhere.  This state is VERY green…the grass is almost luminescent.  I must admit that I may go back and spend some additional time there. I surprised myself.  Connor has already moved me there because, if for no other reason, of the beaches (and the pretty girls).

Preconceived perceptions can really limit our lives.  I am reminded of the old saying “never judge a book by its cover”.  So true.

The Barn in Castle Rock, Colorado is a BARN.  If you were to quickly drive by you might actually think that it is just a BARN….full of horses, hay and feed.  You would be very mistaken, of course, but it would take parking your car and entering The Barn for you to see the magic that is inside.  The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops has been open for 17 years and we STILL have people come in and say “I have lived here forever and never knew about this place”!Barn May2014-110 CROPPED-S

Anyway, I’m sure you see my point. We should never rely on preconceived notions!  Come on into historic downtown Castle Rock and pay us a visit!  You WILL find us…there is no other BARN anywhere downtown…(but we do not have horses, or hay or feed)….we DO have Antiques, Vintage Items, Collectibles,  Home Décor, Jewelry, Women’s Clothing, Baby Clothes and Furniture, Art, Imported Décor, Live Greenhouse items, Books  and Outdoor Architectural Décor…LOTS of wonderful and magical stuff!!

The Barn is worth a visit, and then a follow up visit, then another visit…….you won’t regret it! You will keep coming back for more! 🙂