March has been an extremely busy month at The Barn!  So much new inventory!  Such a successful new event called a “Spring Fever Sensational Open House”!   Lots of new customers and lots of questions… is a question we get a lot:   Does The Barn really carry antiques??

My answer is….YES….we really DO carry antiques at The Barn Antiques and Specialty Shops!!  REALLY!!

Sure we carry all kids of interesting inventory, BUT we do have a large volume of antiques…sometimes you just have to look for them!  They are virtually everywhere in The Barn!

I thought it might be fun to discuss what an antique is:

There are lots of definitions of ‘antiques’.…let’s start with a common one:

Antiques:   Collectible objects such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age.

As you can see, one person’s idea of what an antique is may differ somewhat from another person’s idea of an antique…..the reason for this is that “considerable age” is a subjective term. Some people might think 15 to 25 years is considerable enough.  Others are looking for pieces much older.

At The Barn we feel there are several subsets or categories of ‘Antiques’.  These sub-categories are usually based on the time period in history a piece was made.  The older the piece, the more likely it is a relic or, if the piece is more recent, it might be called vintage.  There are also styles of Antiques…examples are Victorian, Primitive, Art Deco, European, Mid Century and a very broad term called Collectibles.   ALL of these terms are subsets of the term ‘Antiques’ because they all have ‘considerable age’.  Anything without ‘considerable age’ would be considered ‘brand new’.

Obviously, the older a piece is, the more expensive it might be.  What is generally NOT the case is that an older antique is more precious than a younger one as it is entirely up to the customer just how precious the antique is!

The Barn offers antiques for every style and every budget.  While we are not just an antique mall (as we offer brand new inventory as well) you can be assured that we offer THE BEST selection of antiques anywhere around.

When The Barn says that we are an “Antiques and Specialty Shops” destination…we mean it!