The Magical Shopping Experience

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Unfortunately, not all shopping is fun.  Personally, I don’t like to go grocery shopping….I am also not a fan of visiting large discount box stores (although they have some great savings if you buy in bulk!).  Large shopping malls have become somewhat generic and online shopping with companies like Amazon provides convenience but not much else. Where did all the fun go?

Shopping for many, many people is a form of entertainment.  Let’s be honest, it is FUN to spend money!  Granted, retail shopping as we know it is slowing evolving and changing…eCommerce is largely the thing of the future and is becoming a necessity in our busy lives, but it lacks that special experience that makes shopping FUN!

I always talk about the Magical Shopping Experience at The Barn in Castle Rock, Colorado.  It is this Magical Experience that makes shopping FUN!  When you visit The Barn the initial visual alone is both dramatic and welcoming…The Barn is an actual (and historic) 10,000 square foot post and beam wood BARN.  Visiting The Barn is an experience of the senses….sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.  The experience for each customer is unique.  I like to say that The Barn is ‘rustic open-air comfort wrapping our visitors in the anticipation of the find‘!

When you walk into The Barn we hope that you can’t wait to visit each and every shop (and there are about 25 of them) throughout the building. We invite you to walk into each shop, take a breath and look around…if you see something you like, touch it, hold it, smell it, try it on, open drawers, sit on chairs and couches and savor your very own unique magical experience.

Mother’s Day is soon…bring in your Mom for a Magical Springtime Visit on Saturday the 13th during our Annual Mother’s Day Barn Tea Party!  We will be giving away teacups (while supplies last) and refreshments will be served.  Come back again on Sunday for a Mother’s Day shopping experience.  We have a lot of new Spring merchandise to tempt you and make your day a pure Magical delight!

See you soon!

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