The Barn in Castle Rock hosted an extremely successful ‘Thanks and Giving’ Event for our customers this past weekend.  I have never seen such an elaborate showing of love for the people who keep The Barn in business.  The Barn Merchants went all out with gifts, customer service, tons of food, a fashion show and live music.  This was an extremely busy and fulfilling day.  This was a celebration about loyalty.…honoring our loyal customers.

You know when you fly a commercial airline and at the end of the flight the flight attendant says “We know you have other choices for your travel, and we are honored that you have chosen our airline”?  This is how I feel about the loyalty I have with the Barn Merchants and our Customers.  There are other places to have a small retail business and there are other places to shop, but my Barnie Merchants have chosen to be loyal to The Barn.  In addition, our Customers have chosen to be loyal to The Barn.  I am honored.…we are honored.

I had one of my Barnie Merchants approach me the other day and say, “I’ve finally got you figured out…you are all about Loyalty.”  I was thrilled and flattered.  It takes a fair amount of observation to make a judgment like that, especially when I do not personally know this particular Barnie very well.  This, in fact, is very true…I do thrive on loyalty…both the giving and receiving.

In my opinion, unless you have loyalty in your life, you have nothing.  Loyalty is a tough commodity to give and it is many times elusive in its receipt.  Like most people, I have been let down by others because loyalty was a problem for them.  Repairing that kind of damage requires faith.  I have found a lot of my personal repair through my healthy and renewed relationships at The Barn…loyal merchants and loyal customers alike.


When I walk into The Barn I feel many things.  Among these feelings is an overwhelming sense of comfort.  It feels like I have come home.  I feel safe.  We have had many customers express this same sentiment…we call it ‘Barn Therapy’.  This place, this Barn, is a unique, magical and safe place to visit.  This ‘shopping sanctuary’ is precisely what my loyal merchants provide our customers every time they walk through our doors.  These rare and extraordinary perceptions make up the valuable components of the shopping experience at The Barn that our customers trust we will consistently provide….this is how we make loyal customers.

This is why we celebrate.

This is why I celebrate.



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