The Holidays are a time for friends, family and good cheer.

Unfortunately, for some people, the Holiday season isn’t such a cheerful time.  The Holidays are also a stressful time.  There are the parties, cards, gifts and other traditions.  Many people don’t find themselves receiving many cards or party invitations.  Sadly, many people find themselves alone or very lonely during the holidays for any variety of reasons.

When you live in a small community, as I do, very few days go by where I don’t recognize someone at the grocery store, the gas station or even just driving down the street.  This is one of the wonderful things about small town life.  I stop myself occasionally and consider just how many people there are, not only living in Castle Rock, but living in this State, this Country and this World.  It is overwhelming.

So, with so many a part of the human race, it is difficult to understand how anyone should feel alone during the Holidays…there are simply too many people out there who are probably willing to share time, some conversation and a smile.

The Barn in Castle Rock is one of the largest community gathering places in Douglas County.  Sure, we offer a bounty of treasures for your shopping pleasure, but that is only where the magic begins.  Once you come inside you will be transported to a enchanted place where the snow sometimes falls indoors and the friendly spirits of 100 years of history roam freely providing all the warmth you could ever need on a cold (and possibly snowy) day.IMG_0274

So, if you are feeling alone or lonely this Holiday season, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at The Barn.  During this season you can pretty much count on an abundance of hot apple cider, coffee and cookies to be offered daily.  We are never short on conversation…especially about antiques, the latest fashions or simply small town gossip.  We are also never short on smiles.  Who knows?….maybe the Holiday treasure you will leave with is a warm heart and a new friend.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. LOVE THE BARN and all the customers that come through! The charm is always there especially this time of year!

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