I love having dinner with my Son…he is the unwitting inspiration for many of my blogs.  Usually we talk about cars (he wants a new one, of course) or his favorite music, or his friends.  Last night we talked some “Barnie Talk”.

We drove into Castle Rock, parked at The Barn and walked to a popular local restaurant.  After ordering dinner discussed how so many of the Barn Merchants spend hours and hours (after we close for business) working on their stores so that our loyal customers have a wide variety of merchandise to shop every time they walk in the Barn.  The interesting comment that Connor made about this was that many of my merchants simply refuse to do this alone..…I guess there is a true perception that The Barn is somewhat haunted by the ghost of my “Crazy Landlord”.  I looked at my Son and I said, “I feel a Blog coming on…”

Of course Connor balked at my comment and said “Don’t you dare” and “I will never speak with you again” and “this is probably supposed to be a secret”…..blah, blah, blah. (hehehehehe)

Well, I am sorry Son, but this is simply just too cute not to bring up!

The thing about it is that I agree with my Merchants….the Barn is a little haunted.  After all, the building is over 100 years old and has had several occupants over its long history.  I think this would truly qualify it for possible “haunted” status as buildings go.

Sometimes I wonder just how this ‘haunted thing’ works.  There appears to be no rattling of chains that I am aware of.  I don’t think doors are opening and slamming shut.  Connor talked a little about ‘creaks and groans’.  One of my Managers insists that lights turn on after they have been turned off and sometimes merchandise mysteriously falls off shelves for no reason.

I am of the opinion that the Barn haunting is also a ‘feeling’.  A ‘friendly feeling’.  My Crazy Landlord was definitely ‘friendly’.

We will be starting to host special events in The Barn this Spring…..Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties…all will be done after business hours.  I am wondering about going a bit further and hosting a Séance so we could visit with my (very often missed) Crazy Landlord.  Just a thought.

Anybody game? 

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  1. Ha!! I was just a The Barn the other night by myself…I like to work in complete silence so that I can hear of any noises. You would think the opposite but I want to hear if the “door” is opening or not. I always hear creaks and rattling…very scary. I rushed my work and hurried out of there. I don’t like to be there by myself either…but sometimes, we don’t have a choice!

  2. I felt him the day I returned to The Barn, and every time I’m in there….I’m a bit more in tune to his “presence” I guess. I’m in for the Seance 😉

  3. Of course he’s there..watching over something he loved dearly. I felt him the day I returned to The Barn, as well as every time I’m in there….I’m a bit more in tune with his presence I guess 😉

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