Imagine having a private dining and shopping experience at The Barn…..maybe you and a few of your best friends have a Birthday to celebrate or a Bridal or Baby Shower to put on.  Visualize The Barn staying open ‘after hours’ just for you..…now it can happen!!

I am proud to introduce The Barn “After Hours”!!

Some of you may remember from an earlier blog that The Barn hosted a few weddings several years ago.  Well, we are still considering bringing back that lovely option for brides to consider, but in the meantime, The Barn is now available for small private parties!

I have to admit that I could kick myself for waiting so long to reintroduce this idea to the public.  We have been having small private parties at The Barn for years and years in the form of our Merchant monthly meetings.  Every second Tuesday of the month, thirty or so of my Merchants meet after hours with management to discuss marketing, operations, policies and our work calendar.  You know how they say that the ‘best ideas are the simple ones’ and the answer is usually ‘staring you straight in the face’?  Well, a couple of months ago at one of our meetings I realized I was ‘staring a private party straight in the face’.

Picture this… area is cleared in front of the main desk on the bottom level for a large table and chairs.  The table is dressed with a vintage cloth and napkins, silverware, dishes and glassware.  A centerpiece looms near the middle of the table.  Place cards are delicately handwritten to honor each guest.  Steps away from the table is an assortment of delicious treats…some by the jewelry cases and some to be found in various stores.  A bar is set up at the front counter and the guests are welcomed with a glass of wine and music softly piping through our stereo system.


The Barn is ALL YOURS to enjoy….you may choose to first eat and then wander in the rustic ambiance of The Barn with your guest of honor, or your party could be designed in a completely different magical fashion….imagination is certainly allowed!

Do you have particular Merchant or Store that you favor?  Let us know and we can arrange some private help with your evening.  The Barn has a preferred caterer that is very knowledgeable in the best use of The Barn’s space (as well has having exceptional food).  We can also recommend a photographer and/or a florist to complete your special event.

The icing on the cake is that every guest of honor will receive a special gift from The Barn and everyone will leave the evening with memories for a lifetime!

Write me at if you are curious about spending time at The Barn ‘After Hours’!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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