The Barn in Castle Rock has a fabulous New Year’s resolution to share with you…we are stepping up our game!!

Very simply put, The Barn’s New Year resolution to our loyal customers is to be ‘fired up’ ALL YEAR LONG in order to provide you with the newest, most leading edge and original shopping experience available in Colorado!  We are thrilled and excited with the benefits we see already and we hope our loyal customers are enjoying it as well.

I am excited to tell you that your Barn Merchants are currently shopping for (and already receiving) merchandise you will most certainly not find anywhere else….they are changing product lines, leaving Colorado on buying trips and researching new trends in fashion, home decor and even antiques.   The Barn is constantly busy finding innovative and cutting edge ways to make your magical shopping experience better than you could ever imagine!  We are also concentrating on bringing our loyal customers an even higher level of our already outstanding customer service and we are expanding the services we can provide (including special events, seasonal markets and participation in the ever-expanding Bridal industry)!

The bottom line is, you will never catch the Barn doing the ‘same ol’ thing’ or mimicking another business….we believe that these concepts imply doing something that has already been done.  We are enthusiastically moving forward in an effort to be the best we can possibly be!

So…if you want to see new, fresh and innovative merchandise for your shopping experience, look no further than The Barn in Castle Rock!

We will always be a step ahead!!     

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  1. I’ve purchased many pieces from you over the years for clients and for myself, and have always found the barn to well stocked and full of great merchandise. I’ve moved to TN in the past couple of years and now have my own shop, but I truly miss shopping the Barn and the great little shops around Castle Rock.
    Polly Blair

    1. Hi Polly! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your shopping experiences at The Barn. I am hopeful that you will find yourself in Castle Rock sometime in the future and you will come in The Barn to say ‘Hi’! In the meantime, I wish you the best in TN and with your new shop….is your shop on Facebook? If so, let me know the name of it and I will give you a “Like”!!! Catherine

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