One of the most intense and consuming relationships I have in my life is with my Kindle reader. I simply don’t know how I would go to sleep at night unless it is with me. I am NOT KIDDING.
My parents successfully transmitted to me a love, a passion, an all-out obsession for books. So, when I went to bed last night looking forward to continuing my latest literary drama, I was disturbed and appalled when I realized that my Kindle would not turn on….OMG…I panicked! I was frantic!
So, what does every Mother of a teenaged son do??? I called him.
I didn’t ask if he was busy, or if this ‘was a good time’, or if he even wanted to hear from me. I simply blurted out “my Kindle won’t turn on!!!! HELP!!!!”
My Son, of course being used to my occasional parental idiosyncrasies, took my outburst in stride and calmly told me that he was out with a friend for dinner and this could wait until tomorrow morning. I COMPLETELY disagreed with him. I whined that I was lost without my Kindle…that there was no hope for sleep without it (the musings of an addictive personality).
“Mom, why don’t you try reading something on your IPad”?
Hmmmm….logic from my sweet-boy.
I hung up and calmly picked up my IPad only to discover that it was frozen…I couldn’t even turn it off. I tried several times to turn it off…..I pressed the power button and held it down repeatedly to no avail! You know how they say that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’? Well, I WAS DEFINITELY INSANE!
I grabbed my phone and called my Son again….he actually answered (will wonders never cease).
“Son…now my Kindle and my IPad BOTH do not work. I will NOT be able to go to sleep tonight! This is a disaster of epic proportions”!
“Mom..…try reading a book with real pages in it and we will deal with your disaster in the morning”.….Click.
I wandered downstairs to my office and looked over my rather extensive collection of REAL books…I selected one of my favorites and went back to bed.
I was not enamored with this arrangement. The Real Book kept cutting off my circulation as it rested on my arm and I was unable to turn off my bedside lamp to read as the REAL Book pages were not lit up like on my Kindle.
I was miserable..…I was in withdrawal……but a few hours later I was finally able to go to sleep.
This morning I ‘Googled’ both of my technology problems and was able to fix both my Kindle and my IPad….. without any teenaged assistance. I am now ashamed to realize that I could have done this last night, but my knee jerk reaction had no basis in logic whatsoever.
My Son called me a short while ago and asked if everything was ok…”Yes, everything is all right with the world”, I said. My Son laughed and wished me a good day. I hung up the phone and had a sudden consuming need (kind of like an addiction riddled person would) to make sure that my Kindle was indeed, still working. I ran up the stairs (tripping gracefully along the way) and was relieved to find that all was, in fact, ok with the world.

I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with The Barn, but I couldn’t help myself.

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  1. This is funny Catherine…now next time this happens…instead of reading…write in your blog immediately! Let your imagination run wild! That might ease the pain. 🙂 Happy Reading!

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