I have wondered from time to time what it would feel like if I was recognized by someone in the general public just from my association with The Barn…well, IT FEELS GREAT!!
I was up in Boulder, CO visiting my older son for lunch and I stepped into the restroom to wash my hands. While I was looking in the mirror and lathering with wonderful French lavender milled soap, I realized that a woman was staring at me in the mirror. At first I thought I had food on my face, or my hair was askew or I had something green stuck in my teeth….. so I checked all those options out and I seemed ‘clear’ of any impropriety.
I then met the woman’s gaze in the mirror and she said, “Are you Catherine Haigh? The woman who owns The Barn in Castle Rock”? (WOW!!!)
“Yes”, I said…..”How did you know?”
“Well, I read your Blog and recognized you from your picture”!
Needless to say, this is a very flattering situation to be in… I told her as much and I thanked her for her interest in The Barn. She said that, even though she lives in Boulder (a definite 50 miles away), she makes the trek down to Castle Rock to The Barn at least once a month to check out the ‘new stuff’.
We chatted a minute more, wished each other a wonderful day and left the restroom.
I returned to my lunch with my son in a daze.
“What’s wrong, Mom?” my son asks.
“Nothing…I just got a taste of what a celebrity feels like…someone recognized me as the owner of The Barn”.
“I have to admit, since my ‘sighting’ happened in a bathroom I might be somewhat skeptical of more attention in the future, but I LOVED IT!”
My Son looked at me and said, “Next time make sure you don’t have green stuff stuck in your teeth.”

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  1. Congrats on your “sighting” Catherine! The green stuff happens to all of us…why is it always the front middle teeth though? I always feel the need to tell people…I would want someone to tell me!!! 🙂

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