What does it mean when we say “I love you” to someone?
Usually “I love you” is equated with romantic love…but there are all kinds of love. There is parental love, sisterly love, the love between friends and the love that children have for their parents. All of these types of love are different.
I believe, however, that there is one common denominator to ‘love’…the idea that one person cares about the feelings and needs of another. In other words, if your actions tend to hurt a person that you ‘love’, stop doing what you are doing!!
Here at The Barn, we LOVE our customers! Ok…so what does that mean? It means that we care about what our loyal customers want and we do our best to make sure that we provide it….whether it is in the form of inventory or special events or even just a hug when they arrive for a visit. “Love” at The Barn is our purpose…our reason for doing business. I don’t think it would ever occur to any of my merchants to tell a customer that “it simply doesn’t matter what you want, we will not provide it for you”…not in a million years!!!
Don’t be afraid to let the merchants at The Barn know if you are looking for a particular home item, an antique, a pair of shoes, a gift for your Mother or just a simple smile and some small town conversation…we DO care and we WILL do our best to make you feel loved!!
When you walk into The Barn we want you to feel many things. Among these feelings is an overwhelming sense of comfort. A feeling like you have come home. You should feel safe. We have had many customers express this very sentiment about their experiences at The Barn…we call it ‘Barn Therapy’. As I have said before in prior blogs, this place, this Barn, is a unique, magical, safe and loving place to visit. This ‘shopping sanctuary’ is precisely what our loyal merchants provide our customers every time they walk through our doors. These rare and extraordinary perceptions make up the valuable components of the shopping experience at The Barn that our customers trust we will consistently provide….this ‘Barn Therapy’ is how we love our customers.    You can count on it!

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  1. Hi Cathy,, Great ” Chatterbox”. but I miss Gabby!!!! Love you TONS….Kisses, Mom

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