Unlike many people that I know, I find that I’m quite fond of change in my life.  I like living in different places, starting new business projects, building new relationships…change keeps my blood flowing, my heart pumping and my mood elevated.  I guess change is the spice of my life.

However, lately I must say that I have been going through so many changes in my life that I wonder where I will land when all the dust settles….will I be in Kansas under a house wearing funny looking shoes?  I doubt it, but that is how discombobulated I feel!

Everything seems to be happening all at once:  my older son has moved to Nashville, TN to start his own life, my younger son is going away to college in Las Vegas, NV and I will be taking a sabbatical, of sorts, to Mesa, AZ to spend some time with my lovely parents.  The lease on my house is up, so I am selling all my furniture and putting my personal stuff in storage while I consider my next step.

In the midst of all of this, I found it necessary to find a new home for my beautiful German Shepard, Gass.  This has been emotionally trying as he has lived with me for 9 years, but he needs a new family and I was lucky enough to find him one.  My little kitty, Gabby, is coming along for the ride with me.  Yesterday I bought her a kitty-sized red bandana to wear for the journey!

I don’t know what you think, but I think this constitutes a lot of change all at once!

Coincidentally, my business called The Barn in Castle Rock has also been experiencing some changes.  Some of your Loyal Barn Merchants have expanded and rearranged their stores and merchandise to bring you an even more magical shopping experience!  The Barn has experienced a lot of alterations over the past year and we are proud of the momentum we have created.  It seems that ‘change begets more change’…all of it positive for our loyal customers!

I will be driving off into the sunset in about 10 days, but you can rest assured that The Barn will continue to bring you the enchanting shopping experience you have come to love during your visits.  I have a wonderful management team and an unbelievable group of Merchants who are always ready and willing to make your shopping adventure at The Barn an event to remember.  Stop by soon and check out all of our new changes….you won’t be disappointed!

For me personally, change is still good…. I just think I should try spacing things out a little bit more in the future!  See you soon!

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
Gail Sheehy

Love, Catherine


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  1. Life is all about choices and every choice we make in life sets the stage for our our next adventure! You are making a great choice Catherine! Have a great time in AZ with your fun parents and much luck to your boys!!!

  2. I just moved CO about three months ago. A nice change. Today will be my Frist visit to the Barn. After reading your blog I am very excited for this change. Shopping in a place where there is magic…great change

    1. You will simply love living in beautiful Colorado! I am so happy that you are choosing today to make your first visit to The Barn! We are having Lunch at The Barn today to celebrate the beginning of Fall! Let me know what you think…!!

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