Almost exactly one year ago I added three new members to our Barn Team.  If you were to look back at my Blog dated September 26, 2012, you would know precisely what I am talking about!

The Barn and Barn Trees 09242012 028

Over the past year, these new members (Tree Barnies) have kept our original deal which was:

 In exchange for the Barn Merchants supplying ample food and water (no shelter), they would provide ‘magical music’ on a windy day, shade during the low lying sun in the afternoon and a place to hang holiday lights and gather for beautiful photo opportunities.

I must admit that at times it was tough keeping our end of the deal as Barnie Merchants (or Barnie Owner, for that matter)…cold temperatures during the winter made it difficult to water our new buddies, but we managed!  We knew that if we didn’t nurture our beautiful new friends, they wouldn’t grow (or worst case scenario, they might not be with us in the future).

One year later there is new growth on these beautiful music makers…new pine cones and lighter colored ends to the branches!  They are happy and we are happy!


Coincidently, about a year ago The Barn itself also went through some enormous changes…sadly, we had to close down our beloved Barn, TOO next door, but we managed to find room in The Barn for our coveted Barn TOO merchants to move over and join us.  Again, this was a situation that needed some nurturing into the future in order to grow and mature.  We have worked hard during the past year to come together as ONE Barn, rather than two…and the new growth is very evident!

Today, we are the strongest, most cohesive, most successful Barnie Team of Loyal Merchants ever in the 15 year history of The Barn in Castle Rock!  I have never, EVER, been more proud of The Barn as I am today!  We are a team of wonderful business owners committed to the ongoing loyal relationship we have with our customers.  Each and every Barnie is unique but, as a team, we are thriving!!  We are constantly looking for new and magical ways to make the shopping experience at The Barn one that our customers want to repeat over and over and over…..

Growth is a wonderful thing…let the ‘magical music’ play on and on!!

Barnie Trees 09262013  Love, Catherine


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