I am the oldest child of 4.  All the things they say about being the oldest are true (at least for me).  I was the guinea pig of sorts…the child that my parents learned their skills with.  In some respects my voyage through adolescence was somewhat rocky, but it was also full of experiences that have enriched my life…..and memories that only I am old enough to have in my family.

When you are the first child, you are the first baby, the first adolescent, the first teenager (Ugh) and usually the first to leave home.  All of these milestones have their unique issues for both parent and child…but the bottom line is the first child carves the large path for the others to follow.

It is a two way street of course…the oldest child undeniably gets the know the parents from a younger age…learning their mannerisms, their moods and their methods of guidance and teaching…..The oldest provides the most valuable feedback to new parents about their decisions and their actions and these things learned are then more confidently applied to parenting the children that follow.

NO denying the oldest child maintains the hardest position in the hierarchy of siblings.  It is also undeniably the most influential.

Likewise, The Barn is the oldest Antiques and Specialty Shop location in Castle Rock, probably Douglas County and most likely in all of Colorado.  We are proud of this distinction.  We have been in business for over 15 years and we have learned much along the way.

From the beginning The Barn has tried to reach out to the community, to get to know its needs, its wants and has forged long standing relationships with a growing loyal customer base.  We have spent years being visited by members of our community and have responded to their shopping needs but also the community’s craving for a place to have unique experiences….we have become less of a ‘store’ and  more of an ‘experience’.  This is a rare position to be in and one that comes with years of learning.

It goes the other way of course…our customers (old and new) are still experiencing The Barn for the first time….every time they come and visit us!!

The Barn remembers when downtown Castle Rock had tumbleweeds blowing down 3rd Street and when dining downtown was limited to two choices of restaurants.  We also remember the slow progress of our beloved historical district formation and the marvelous community gathering place our downtown area has become.

We, at The Barn, are truly proud of the newer shopping choices our community has acquired because it is a reflection on how successful we have been in the community.  The Barn will always be here…not the newest on the block, but always the wisest, the most unique and the most magical shopping experience around!

Come visit us for the first time or because you just can’t stay away…we will always provide the magical shopping experience that we have come to understand is expected from our loyal Barnie customers!

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  1. I am looking forward to visiting your shop for the first time.. I am new to Colorado, new to the surrounding area, Climate and all the beautiful snow. As soon as I find out where Little Rock is, it is my intention to visit real soon. I miss antique shopping back home and I am on the look-out for some very specific pieces that I have seen on your Facebook page as well as some beautiful items seen on the Dutch & Ollie website. That is how I found out about your wonderful Barn.. I was having a look at some nice items on Dutch & Ollie’s FB page and they directed me over to your site from theirs.. how nice, and what a pleasant surprise.. I am excited at the prospect of visiting… ~SuzyJC~

    1. Hi Suzy! Thank to so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. We look forward to your visit soon! I just want to clarify that we are located in Castle Rock, Colorado…this beautiful town is right on I-25 halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs…you can’t miss it!!
      Have a wonderful day,

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